Why Ellis & Co?

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At Ellis & Co we firmly believe that a good accountant should be the most valuable of all the professional advisers to help you build your business.

Our clients can expect a relationship of trust right from the start.

When choosing an accountant, make sure that you consider the following factors:

  • It is essential that your Accountant knows how to work with your size of business. Make sure that your Accountant has experience of dealing with firms in your sector
  • Expect your Accountant to be fully qualified - Chartered Accountants for example, and members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • A transparent fee structure that clarifies all fees - preparation of accounts, tax computations, frequent business reviews and so on. Make sure you have this.
  • Ask yourself " Can I work with this Accountant?" " Is the person who will deal with my firm's financial management someone who I can really value as a trusted business advisor?"
  • Does my Accountant do more for me than do my accounts - do they provide business advice and further information that will help grow my business?
  • Can you speak to an existing client of an Accountant before you sign up? After all that's only reasonable.
  • Will your Accountant keep in touch?..and not just when they are preparing your accounts? Will you have planned and frequent contact with your Account Manager?
  • If at some stage you decide to sell your business, is your Accountant someone you could trust to guide you along the journey?
  • And finally‚Ķ your Accountant should be a trusted adviser not just in terms of your firm's financial management, but also for you and your family. Expect them to be able to assist you with things like personal financial planning, investments, insurances and so on.