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In June, one of our clients, Carolyn May of Stillmuchtooffer Limited delivered a presentation on 'Improving the Learning Process' at the International Learning Styles Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.  This annual conference, held in the University of Missouri, focused on the latest research from the United States and the Middle East into how people can learn more successfully.  Sessions included wholebrain® teaching and learning, perceptual learning modalities, on-line learning and the impact of cross-cultural perspectives on learning preferences.

Recently there have been exciting developments in the States using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to assess neural activity within the brain while volunteers are undertaking psychometric tests.  This is enabling scientists to understand more about which part of the brain are used in which learning activities.

Carolyn May said, 'I am interested in the application of the latest academic research to practice in the training arena.  I am sure that in the future the solution to helping learners learn more successfully lies in connecting teaching and training methods with the latest developments in neuroscience.'

She went on to say that she was grateful for the invitation to speak in Missouri University.  'It meant that my company, Stillmuchtooffer Limited which offers bespoke training to businesses, has benefited from being part of world-wide cutting edge research enabling us to use the most effective methods of delivery with our clients.'

Stillmuchtooffer designs training specifically to achieve end results.  Examples include improving customer service, conflict resolution, increasing sales or improving team performance.  'Basically we construct content to fit business need, underpinning the delivery with methods reflecting the latest research into how people learn best.  This ensures outstanding results and excellent value for money.

Stillmuchtooffer can be contacted on 01824-710342 or through the web site www.stillmuchtooffer.co.uk