Six New Taskforces Launched by HMRC

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Six new taskforces recently launched by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are expected to recover more than £23m from tax dodgers.

The taskforces will target traders who do not pay the right amount of tax in:

  • Indoor and outdoor markets in London
  • Taxi firms in Yorkshire and East Midlands
  • Property rentals in East Anglia, London, Yorkshire and the North East
  • Restaurants in the Midlands

Taskforces are specialist teams that undertake intensive bursts of activity in specific high risk trade sectors and locations in the UK. The teams will visit traders to examine their records and carry out other investigations. 

Although not currently covering this area, once the results of this have been determined it is likely that HMRC will extend their searches to include the North West.

If you have any queries regarding this please contact Peter Way-Rider on 01244 343504.