Reviewing your spending over the summer months can help you save next year

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As we approach the end of the summer months, those clients lucky enough to have children will once again be waving them off to school, at the end of what can be a very expensive period for parents.

Extra childcare, holidays, activity clubs and other distractions can all cost us the proverbial arm and a leg over the course of July and August, with research from Nationwide,  quoted in The Guardian, suggesting that 1 in 10 of us will have spent more than £450 on activities and pastimes alone.

Whilst many households will already operate a rolling budget of some sort, performing a bit of analysis on your spending this summer could help you to better plan where your money goes next summer, especially if you fall into the upper spending bracket.

The Guardian suggests multiple ways of saving that are worth investigating. A DVD swapping scheme between parents, for example, can help you to avoid building up an expensive library of Disney's latest and greatest. Better yet, combine the paper's tips on vouchers and take advantage of sign-up offers for online rental companies to get a plentiful supply of kid's films at a fraction of the cost.

There are plenty of options for activity clubs over the course of the summer and it might well be the case that, with some of them, you get what you pay for, but make sure you take a good look around at what is available before deciding what to do with the same amount of cash next year. There are examples of local deals for free clubs in the article and each area will have their own individual activities for youngsters to take part in.

If childcare is required then make sure you investigate whether you're eligible for any vouchers or tax credits. Vouchers in particular are often missed by some due to the preconception that they are mainly for the young, when in actual fact they apply right up to your child's 15th birthday.

There are many more ways to save as well, so do your research and carry out an accurate assessment of how your spending went this summer. You never know: if your summer spending review goes really well, it might even pay for that extra week away next year!