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As many as one in 10 mums dream of one day starting their own business according to BT Business which recently carried out a survey of over 1,000 women.

Of the 128 mums in the survey who aspired to starting their own businesses, they gave their reasons as the following:

  • One third said they wanted to run a business from home;
  • Just over 60% said that being able to choose the hours they could work was the reason they wanted to start up their own businesses;
  • Half of them said that they wanted a better work/life balance;
  • 38% said they liked the idea of being their own boss.

Some comments indicate a desire not to just return to previous work, but a desire to explore new directions after taking time off to look after children.

Starting a family can often lead to an important reflective time, when ideas for business development are nurtured

Social activities for mums may become business and entrepreneurial forums, where experiences and learning are shared and business partnerships are forged.

In addition to the BT Business findings, a survey from HR firm Morgan Redwood, suggests stress at work is the major obstacle for women in achieving a work/life balance.

It can also be argued that managing a family is in itself a significant learning experience for work/life balance management within the context of business ownership. The experience of managing a family can help women start and run their own business more effectively than any help they may get from formal training and development opportunities.

"I know many women that are balancing their family life, run their own business and are the major bread winner. The internet has opened up a world of new business possibilities," said Tabitha Potts, mum-of-two and owner of kids clothing site, Mimimyne.