Ways to improve your business in 2014

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The advice from George Osborne is that 2014 could be another step forward towards UK solvency as long as businesses don't take their foot off the gas and work towards seeking business improvement.

As a result, many businesses will make the early New Year an opportunity to prepare for the year ahead, while considering a range of different measures to enhance your business.

The most popular option could be making financial forecasts for the coming months in order to manage cash flow better.

The experienced team at Ellis & Co are always delighted to help you create a business plan for the year ahead, and our bespoke diagnostic tool takes into account financial forecasts and competitor analysis.

Cash flow will remain an issue in 2014 for small businesses - the credit market and the UK economy are not yet out of the woods, and the question remains whether Small and Medium Enterprises are best placed to attract investment and support.

Marketing your business should also be high up on your list of priorities and this is an area we can also help you with and provide training in when developing your business.

Whether you are a niche player, a 'little fish in a big sea', or a new brand marketeer, it's important that you are successful in sourcing your target market.

This means focusing your efforts in the right direction, doing your research and holding on to the business that you generate.

As a small business, you are likely to be in the unique position of being able to offer a personal service to your clients and customers. This can be a real string to your bow, helping to ensure your clients come back to you time and again.

So what's in your planning for 2014 to make you and your products special now and even more special and valued by the end of the year?

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