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The University Of Chester’s High Growth Centre has just launched at Thornton Science Park, offering businesses a unique blend of industry, innovation and academia.

Co-funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the University of Chester, the High Growth Centre offers SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises) and new start businesses initial free support and then ongoing advice at cost.

Thornton Science Park is specifically designed for companies operating in the Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive, Engineering and Environmental sectors.

A range of free (12 hour) benefits and services are on offer to businesses located throughout the North West of England, including the opportunity to run your business from Thornton Science Park.

To find out more information on how the new facility can help your business on its path to growth please email  with some background to your business objectives and where you need assistance. Alternatively call Mike for an informal discussion on 07775 031 775.  


Business Spaces:

From Late 2014 businesses will have the option to take up space at Thornton Science Park and benefit from the world class facilities gifted by Shell UK.


  • 24Hr security and free parking
  • 41 industrial flexi space units to fit your business requirement
  •  Opportunity to occupy fully serviced industrial laboratory spaces
  •  Access to communal specialist equipment funded by the project
  •  Meeting rooms and conference facilities


However you don’t need to take up space at Thornton in order to work on collaborative projects or make use of the free business support services. Enterprises based from Carlisle down to Crewe or from Chester across to Oldham can benefit from the invaluable support below.


Our comprehensive list of services include;

  •  Technical advice and R&D support from the University's Faculty of Science and Engineering
  •  Personalised Intellectual Property and commercialisation advice
  •  Sales & Marketing tactics
  • Business development expertise
  • Supply chain advice On-site IT Support
  • Funding advice with a network of appropriate funding solutions


In addition the university's on-site library can access information on industry reports, market research analysis and trade journals designed to help you understand the competitive landscape.

the university's aim is to support the manufacturing and engineering industries in the region and create new companies and jobs as a result.


Visit for more information.