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Choosing your accountant should be one of the more important decisions a business owner makes. Your accountant should be your closest professional adviser, someone who provides you with far more than your annual set of accounts.

At Ellis & Co, we pride ourselves on working with our clients to help them achieve their business growth goals.

In our view, a good firm of accountants should, as a minimum, offer the following:

Knowledge of your business
Your accountant should take the time to understand your business so that they can provide relevant and accurate advice.

Tax savings
Minimising your tax bill is essential and your accountant should always be looking at making this possible.

Transparent fee structure
Your accountant should be clear about the services provided and the fees you will be charged, so that there is no danger of unexpected bills.

Time to talk
Your accountant should be available to discuss any queries or concerns and should not charge extra for phone calls or emails.

Peace of mind
You should be confident that your accounts and returns are accurate and will be filed on time.

Help to make your business a success
As well as producing figures, your accountant should know your end-goal and help you make this happen in the most efficient way possible.

Robert Ellis, Principal of Ellis & Co, said: “During the past 25 years, we have worked closely with hundreds of business owners providing them with both the strategic guidance and day-to-day support they need in order to fulfil their business aspirations.

“We believe hugely in the importance of really getting to know our clients and their businesses in order that we can offer them the best possible service and, wherever we can, provide significant added value.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Ellis & Co.’s accountancy and business growth services, call 01244 343504 or email: robertellis@ellis-uk.com