2016: A Year of Major Change

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2016 was another busy year at Ellis & Co and it will always be remembered as a year of major change.

The year started off with all personal tax returns again being submitted successfully before the January 31st deadline.

After this date we knew various changes were going to be brought in after the 5th April and in particular the change in dividend tax.

We made sure all our clients were aware of these changes and ensured that the correct measures were in place by the correct date.

Midway through the year we had a lot of Brexit uncertainty and huge change in parliament with Theresa May replacing David Cameron and yet this didn’t deter our clients from continuing to build their businesses and continue on the road ahead.

On a lighter note we held various informative seminars at some excellent venues with great numbers of attendees; the West Cheshire Women’s Network continues to go from strength to strength and we also enjoyed another sunny Ellis & Co golf day.

We have continued to support and work well with our partners throughout the year and aim to maintain and enhance these relationships in 2017.

Internally we have welcomed additional members of staff in the accounting, marketing and payroll departments which I believe will help continue to build the Ellis & Co brand and also provide our clients with the services they expect from Ellis & Co.

Alice, Natalie and Claire have all settled in and have quickly become valued members of the team.

On a personal note I wish to thank all of our clients for their continued support throughout 2016 and hope you have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

We now look forward to 2017, which looks set to be another busy year.