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With neighbours including the National Theatre, London Television Centre and the Southbank Centre it’s fair to say that the team at Earth is happy with their new office.

Earth, ran by Martin and Tish Johnston, is a purpose led branding company, helping clients to discover and develop the stories and assets that connect their organisational values to their audiences.

“If you create a purpose which is higher than financial gain, it replaces the usual jargon mission statement, and aligns all audience groups behind a singular unified idea,” said Martin.

“Companies can then promote their point of difference in a much more compelling way.”

Martin and Tish set up Earth in January 2010, and thanks to business growth they recently moved their team from where it ‘all began’ in Somerset House to a mews style studio in Waterloo, London.

Earth is highly respected in its field, and its long-standing team is testament to that, a number of whom have been with the company since it first began.

Its client list is impressive and diverse including The Crown Estate, The British Fashion Council and BLME; working on brand design to copywriting; photography to communications and website design and build.

One of Earth’s latest success stories was to reposition Cornwall as a place to do business.

Earth conducted an in-depth process of research, interviewing business owners, holding creative workshops and consulting sector specialists, to gain insights into which kinds of stories they needed to tell, to which kinds of businesses.

During this process Earth highlighted the region’s key messages – the seamless corporate ecosystem, the unparalleled natural resources, the wider holistic lifestyle of the people who work there – and devised creative ways of bringing them to life.

They also isolated and rebranded six distinct Cornwall industries: Spacetech, Aerospace, Creativetech, Marinetech, Agritech and Healthtech, creating a focussed and assertive way of showcasing the region’s offerings.

The result? A complete repositioning that speaks clearly and stylishly to next generation businesses, evolving Cornwall from a quaint holiday destination to the Silicon Valley of Europe.

So what made a London based business choose an accountants based in Chester?

“I have known Robert for over 15 years, and we have been a client of Ellis & Co’s since we first began,” said Martin.

“It’s the commercial edge that Robert give us, coupled with the ultimate trust we have in him.

“I like the family feel of the firm, and that we don’t get lost amongst clients, we are more than just a number to them.”