Ellis & Co’s tax manager goes back to school

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If you had been walking the corridors of King’s School, Chester recently you may have spotted Ellis & Co’s very own Peter Way-Rider.

Peter, Tax manager at Ellis & Co, attended the King’s School Careers Event 2017, to give a number of presentations to fifth year pupils (year 11) and their parents on the world of chartered accountants.

The evening, intended as an information gathering exercise, included 22 speakers all working in different sectors including: Rob McKay from Sherrington Associates and others from areas as diverse as mechanical engineering, a GP practice and events management.

“I delivered four presentations, entitled ‘Accountancy – It’s not just about the numbers’, all were very well attended,” said Peter.

Peter spoke about the qualifications and skills needed to be a chartered accountant, what the career ‘asked of you’ and also gave a few hints and tips about how the top firms recruit.

“Some pupils may already have an idea about which career path they are going to take, but even for those pupils who are certain on their career choice evenings like this are very helpful indeed,” said Peter.

“To receive an insight into a career before you are actually in it is an opportunity not to be missed.

“For those who haven’t yet chosen a career I hope I managed to inspire a few to venture into the world of accounting,” he added.