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Every summer here at Ellis & Co we are joined by an accounting and finance degree student from the University of Chester for a five week work placement.

The accounting and finance degree is a three year course which concentrates on the practical application of accounting and finance theory.

It is supported by a panel of top global business leaders including Ellis & Co, Handelsbanken, Virgin Money, RSM UK, Santander, MBNA, M&S Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and KPMG.

The team helps to shape the curriculum to ensure that future workforce development needs are met. 

Nicholas Clark

From May 8 - June 9, 2017 Nicholas Clark worked with the team at Ellis & Co, here is his blog:

I have lived on Anglesey all of my life but for the last couple of years I have been based in Chester as I attend the University here.

Although not quite the beaches and landscape of Anglesey I am very fond of the city and the people in and around it.

I am currently studying towards an accounting and finance degree at Chester University’s Business School and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

The course runs for three years with a five-week placement at the end of the second year, which I am currently completing at Ellis & Co.

The course provides a great introduction to accountancy covering a range of aspects from financial and management accounting to marketing and Excel work.

The Excel module also contains a brief insight into accounting software packages which of course is of increasing importance as Making Tax Digital approaches closer. 

My interest in the field comes from acknowledging the importance of the role it plays in many different aspects of businesses operations and the impact it can have.

Another attraction came in the form of the ever-changing role of an accountant; a more business integrated professional rather than just a human calculator.

This is the side that excites me the most; building relations with a business, understanding what they do and essentially how their growth can be aided.

Work experience at Ellis & Co

I couldn’t have been put in a better environment for my first professional experience of the financial sector.

The members of staff are so friendly, knowledgeable and approachable whenever I have a query.

One thing that stands out to me is the individual expertise of not only their departments but of their clients and their particular needs.

Numerous times have I asked a quick-fire question and the knowledge of the client is just there without hesitation.

However, the element that I admire most and that really adds something more to the company is the work that goes on outside of the office.

This is the part of the job that I would most enjoy; getting out and talking to people to really find out how we can help them.

This leads to the ethos of the company being dynamic with Robert and the team being very proactive, a trait that I feel is imperative in the modern environment.

Placements like these are so important as they allow young people to put into practice the knowledge learnt in the classroom and apply it to real-life situations.

The tasks I have carried out and situations I have found myself in during my time here would be very difficult to replicate in a lecture theatre and that is why this experience has proved invaluable.

It has not only increased my awareness of the sector but has also improved my future confidence when in similar positions.

Future goals

Another passion of mine is sports; I captain the University Football 1st team and have always enjoyed being part of a collective, this role has also enhanced many of my skills that I am now finding are directly transferable to the workplace.

If the opportunity to combine sports and business were to arise in the future I would most definitely take it.

This experience has provided a great insight regarding the day-to-day activities in such an institute and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of this team.

Looking forward, I hope to gain more experience in various roles to expand my knowledge and understanding of the field. 

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