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Homeowners, landowners and developers face numerous ‘hurdles’ when it comes to starting a project, from planning permission to legislation, building contractors to finance.

But one company is helping to ease the strain by providing a popular, ever growing, and much needed service to building projects - meet Indigo Surveys Ltd a national company consulting in arboriculture and ecology and providing measured surveys of land and buildings.

“Disturbing or interfering with protected species and/or their habitat can be a criminal offence,” said Andrew Turnbull, director and arboricultural consultant at Indigo Surveys Ltd.

“The potential constraint imposed by the presence of protected species can often lead to delays, however, specialist advice at an early stage can save time and money.

“Our protected species surveys include bats, birds, newts, reptiles, badgers, otters and the common dormouse.”

Established in 2009, primarily to provide tree surveys and reports to homeowners, landowners and developers; Indigo Surveys Ltd is now an established Arboricultural and Ecological Consultancy; carrying out surveys, plans and advice on trees, habitat, protected animal species and invasive plant species, measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities.

“We assist individuals, companies and councils with health and safety tree risk management, tree damage assessments, habitat and ecological assessments, protected species mitigation, land constraints appraisal and new construction,” said Andrew.

“We hire specialists relating to arboriculture, ecology and geomatics, who assist each other in delivering a collaborative service to clients where it provides a cost and time efficiency to the client and project.

“We have good UK wide network links, and seasonal specialists who work in our field and assist on larger seasonal projects such as bat activity surveys and newt surveys,” he added.

Andrew’s work load is varied, from assisting existing clients regarding project enquiries, to advising enquirers on how to co-ordinate new projects.

Attending prospective project meetings, design team or council meetings, or being on site for baseline surveys, client advice or CPD seminars and lectures; it’s safe to say that no two days are the same.

“We always pride ourselves on providing up front objective guidance, whether that means we gain work that time, or assist the client and gain their trust for the next project,” said Andrew.

“New enquiries and instructed work from new clients is fantastic of course, but we emphasise the importance of retained clients, working to guide and inform them of necessary work stages, and provide a tailored service to fit their working practice, thus gaining their trust and their repeat business based on a proven track record.”

The most challenging aspect of Andrew’s job, he says, is managing clients’ expectations.

“We always want to do our best for our clients, and over deliver on our fixed cost fees and anticipated timescales for work,” said Andrew.

“However, the deadlines imposed on many of our clients by insurance companies, mortgage providers or councils mean that they are given very little time to research, appoint and have a specialist complete the works needed.

“In the days now of being in receipt of client details, plans and a project overview on a Monday, we may have quoted and been instructed on the Tuesday, been to site and processed our data on the Wednesday and be on the phone advising our clients of the findings with follow up formal reports that same week.

“However, this is not always possible owing to the project needs, and hence why we always aim to provide a fixed cost quote for the work stages with realistic timescales for the work, but, if client have specific deadlines we will always confirm if we can deliver on these at the outset,” he added.

Since establishing in 2009 Indigo Surveys Ltd has worked alongside numerous businesses, but one still remains – Ellis & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

“We’ve been with Ellis & Co since the start when the team assisted in our business set up, forecasting, cash flow and annual business analysis,” said Andrew.

“They are our accountants because the team are on hand for any queries no matter how small, and able to assist in any manner of financial works required for the business.

“We have had consistent no-nonsense advice and feel that the advice has been beneficial to the formation and successful running of the business.

“Robert and the team have all had a very friendly but professional approach and have been welcoming from the start, and on hand throughout each passing year,” he added.

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