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There has been a shift in the world of business, with professionals ‘ditching’ the traditional office to instead work at home, ‘on the road’, at a coworking space or local café.

One Chester based business is helping with the change, working to build company intranets and migrate the ways businesses work to a cloud platform that enables remote working.

Valto IT Limited specialise in digital transformation using Microsoft Cloud Technologies.

“We use tools within Office365 such as SharePoint, PowerApps, Flow and OneDrive to remove manual processes and make information easier to find and improve collaboration,” said Hugh Valentine, managing director of Valto.

Remote work allows a person to continue with their job, and communicate with colleagues and clients outside of a traditional office environment.

“We work with organisations to improve their productivity and streamline the way they work,” said Hugh, who set up the business in February 2017.

“The most satisfying part of my job is showcasing the tools within Office365 that they often already have available to them and seeing the lightbulb moment when they realise the power of the platform and the opportunities to improve their ways of working.”

Hugh has great faith in the technologies he recommends to his clients, all of which he, and his team of five, use in house.

“We use a product called Microsoft Teams that enables us to collaborate as a team so the workforce whether they are working from home, the office or with a client can all access the daily schedule and inform the team of their plans for the day,” said Hugh.

“We get together first thing in the morning, the team post their daily tasks and we arrange a live video call or face to face to discuss any ongoing tickets, update on the projects and what the primary focus for the day will be.”

Hugh spends his time visiting clients and partners ensuring they have everything they need and building specifications and roadmaps for the projects.

Valto work in a fast paced industry that changes on a weekly and even daily basis, so the team position themselves as leaders in the new technologies as they become available.

“Keeping on top of all the latest developments, ensuring the team is up to speed and delivering projects to our clients can certainly be a juggling act,” said Hugh.

Valto has grown very quickly over the last 18 months with a number of significant client wins, and it doesn’t look like the team plan to slow down anytime soon.

“Over the next 12 months we want to start an apprentice scheme in which we can train and mould the skills and abilities we require to sustain the growth of the organisation,” said Hugh.

“We’re developing some exciting new products to launch including Holla our “intranet in a box” and AI / Bots to help users find information within the organisation.”

Hugh and the team make recommendations to their clients on a daily basis, but this also works the other way around.

“Ellis & Co were recommended to us by one of our clients as our existing accountant wasn’t providing the level of service we required,” said Hugh.

“Ellis & co were able to immediately provide guidance that saved us money.

“Since starting the business we’ve had a false start with finding an accountant that would provide us real guidance on what we should be doing with our finances.

“Ellis & Co are fantastic, they are very proactive and deliver an excellent service to us,” he added.

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