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Having worked with some of the world’s most respected companies including Honda, Shell and BT, it’s no surprise Sewells Training and Consultancy Limited is the leader in its field.

Sewells, a business improvement organisation, specialises in helping businesses optimise their overall performance and results through positively changing the mind-sets and attitudes of everyone in the organisation through mastering the fundamentals of leading and managing change successfully.

With over 55 years’ experience delivering ground breaking change which delivers performance to businesses across a wide range of industries, Sewells understands that real, long term success is rarely about systems, processes or resources, it’s about almost always unlocking unused potential of the people.

“Organisations come to us to ask us to solve the problems they have, but don’t want, and to help them achieve results they want, but don’t have,” said Dr William Holden, chairman of Sewells.

“In all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve never found a problem that we can’t find a solution to and we’ve never been given a result the organisation wants that we haven’t helped it create in practice.”

Sewells has been run by Dr William Holden since 1990. 

There is no typical day, or week, for Will and the team who could be delivering a bespoke profitable sales growth workshop in London or Manchester for a couple of days, to delivering a three-day leadership programme next in order to positively and sustainably transform performance and results.

Sewells hold open workshops in Chester including Working Miracles with Performance, a powerful and dynamic two-day workshop that increases personal effectiveness in the workplace – and away from it.

“Without hesitation the most fulfilling part of the work we do is seeing the significant and positive impact of our work and how it helps organisations, and individuals, achieve and exceed their goals and targets,” said Will. 

“We manage to achieve this success because we understand that it’s usually the mind-set and attitudes of people getting in the way of companies not achieving the things they want to, not in the product, or the pricing, or the market, or the competition.”

As with every business there are always challenges, and for the team at Sewells, the most frustrating one is seeing other training businesses promising to provide the same services and results often at a lower price.

“There will always be someone who says that they can do what we do – and do it cheaper and who says that what they’re offering is more or less the same,” said Will.

“In our client’s experience, they tell us no other training company comes close – in terms of delivery style or results."

The growing organisation doesn’t look set to slow down over the years ahead, striving to continue making a positive, measurable and tangible difference to every individual and organisation it has the ‘privilege to serve’.

“One of our priorities within our business plan is to introduce our new products and services to both our existing customers as well as to our potential new customers,” said Carole Brookes, general manager. 

One relationship that has stayed constant since meeting in June 2017, is that between Sewells and Ellis & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

“Having become disillusioned with our previous accountants, we were looking for a professional, proactive and reliable alternative, operated by like-minded individuals, who genuinely cared about their clients’ businesses,” said Carole. 

“When introduced to Robert and John the rapport was instant, they reflected our values and were certainly like-minded. 

“It was refreshing to meet two people who actively listened to our requirements and were prepared to go the extra mile to ensure all bases were covered in terms of what our business needed. 

“The relationship at all levels has continued to flourish. 

“They’re down-to-earth people, completely professional and switched on,” she added.

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