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Did you know we need to have your permission to speak to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)?

As your agent, Ellis & Co is unable to speak to HMRC about your tax accounts or payroll without your permission.

In order for Ellis & Co to speak to HMRC on your behalf you need to complete a 64-8 form.

The 64-8 form covers authorisation for individual tax affairs (partnerships, trusts, tax credits and individuals under PAYE) and business taxes (VAT, PAYE for employers and Corporation Tax).

If you’re a personal representative you can use form 64-8 in certain circumstances to ask HMRC to deal directly with an agent.*

The form can be downloaded from HMRC’s website, here.

Please note: ensure you have all information to hand in order to complete the form, as a partially completed form cannot be saved.

For further information about 64-8 contact Ellis & Co on 01244 343504.

*HM Revenue and Customs