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Get the latest key financial information and legislative changes on the go by downloading the Apple and Android approved app called ‘OneApp’.

The app provides calculators that allow you to access key financial information such as standard rates of VAT, your tax and National Insurance deductions, your mortgage repayments and interest rates, company car ‘benefit in kind’ values, inflation rates and savings.

The app also gives you access to key tax dates and deadlines, the ability to contact any member of the team and instant access to our website, all at the click of a button.

“As a company, we have always veered away from the old-fashioned dinosaur image of accountancy by testing out the latest technology to make life easier for our clients and this is one such example,” said Robert Ellis, director at Ellis & Co.

“It is designed to be a helpful hub of information to access whenever you need it and our team is always on hand to provide professional advice and guidance to talk you through it.

“We’re a proactive, forward thinking firm of accountants and as such we wanted to reach out to you in a more modern, timely way,” he added.

Download the app for FREE by visiting the app store and searching MyAccountants and inputting Ellis & Co’s unique access code: ELLIS504

For further information about this app, or if you are having problems downloading/using the app please email our PR and marketing manager Natalie Tomlinson.