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Town Roofing is a family run business, which has been servicing the roofs of Chester, The Wirral and North Wales for over 35 years.

Run by husband and wife team Chris and Vicki Dodd, Town Roofing specialises in all aspects of roofing work from new roofs to fascia’s, leadwork to roofing repairs.

“We’ve been in the industry a long time so we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, materials and customers service,” said Vicki, director at secretary at Town Roofing, which is based in Mickle Trafford.

Managing director Chris was brought up in the industry and worked with his roofing father from a young age.

When Chris turned 18 he decided to ‘go it alone’ and set up his own roofing business.

“The business has gone from strength to strength, we’ve been able to take on employees and offer secure jobs,” said Vicki.

“Currently we have five roofers, including one apprentice and our son Jack.”

Jack, 17, is currently learning on the job along with his friend Leo, 18 who is Town Roofing’s apprentice.

“This is the first time we have offered an apprenticeship,” said Vicki.

“Leo asked to join the team after leaving school, so we offered him an apprenticeship.

“He works with the team four days a week and spends one day at Cheshire College South & West’s Ellesmere Port Campus.”

A ‘typical day’ for Chris, Darrell, Ashley, Jack and Leo is an early one, all meeting ‘on the job’, which can be anything from a new roof on an extension, uPVC soffits or a chimney repair.

The team also work with rubber Firestone Flat Roofs, a high performing synthetic rubber membrane, an environmentally friendly roofing solution with limited environmental impact during manufacture and use of the product.

“As I’m sure with all business owners there are challenging days,” said Vicki.

“But the most satisfying part of the job is having customers recommend us for our work, we get a lot of business that way.

“We are always told how polite and respectful the team is whilst out on jobs, it gives Chris and the team a real boost,” added Nicki.

So what are the plans for Town Roofing over the coming 12 months?

“Our plans are to continue working as we are, keeping busy and providing the best service we can, topped with excellent customer service,” said Vicki.

“Long term Chris would eventually like to pass the business on to Jack.   

“We know it will be in save hands.”

For almost two years the businesses accounts have been in ‘save hands’ with the team at Ellis & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

“We weren’t happy with the service we were receiving from our former accountants,” said Vicki.

“I knew John Farrell (accounts senior at Ellis & Co) from our son’s school and football team, so I asked him to have a look over our accountants.

“We met with John and spoke about what Ellis & Co could do for Town Roofing.

“We soon realised we weren’t getting the service we were paying for, so we moved over to Ellis & Co.”

One of Vicki’s roles in the business is financial management which has led her into the world of cloud accountancy software.

Cloud accountancy software is revolutionising the way in which business owners deal with their day to day accounting.

“I’ve been carrying out accountancy software training with Anna Rowson-Smith (software specialist at Ellis & Co), she is amazing and is always ready to answer any query.

“If I ever have a problem or need some help I know I can always pick up the phone and one of the team is on hand to help me.

“I would 100% recommend Ellis & Co,” she added.

For further visit Town Roofing’s website.