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In only two years a Chester based company has become one of the fastest growing merchant services companies in the UK.

A leader in payment processing ePay Merchant Services offers world class technology and power payment processing solutions, with the lowest cost.

Established in 2018 by directors Gary Cameron and Stephen Drumm, ePay Merchant Services is a premium provider of card machines, EPOS systems, telephone payments and online payments.

“We understand how important a reliable, fast and affordable card payment system is to businesses,” said Gary.

“We are proud to work with one of the world’s leading acquiring banks.”

The four strong team promises honesty, integrity and transparency to all its customers, as well as their own personal account manager.

“Every day is different, every account is different, and every customer is different so no two days are the same,” said Stephen.

“Navigating each customer through the sales process can be challenging, as each merchants’ requirements are so different.

“We have to adapt with every customer account we set up to ensure we meet their needs and we do this by really getting to understand their business.”

The team’s main focus is to make savings for their customers and offering a price comparison on rates, which currently beats their competitors.

“Our week is split from being out and about meeting business owners and learning new ways we can help them,” said Gary.

“Whilst other days in the office are spent preparing accounts and installations.”

Despite the businesses success and rapid growth in just two years, the team is planning for another busy year ahead.

“We plan to develop a wider client base and to enter the market of high risk merchant accounts,” said Gary.

“We are also in the first stages of developing software that we can integrate our payment solutions into.

“Our main aim is to become Cheshire’s preferred supplier of payment solutions.”

Whilst chatting to the team it’s clear that building a long standing and trusting relationship with their customers and contacts is paramount.

One of those relationships, built over 20 years, is with its accountants – Ellis & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

“I have been with Ellis & Co for nearly 20 years,” said Gary.

“They were recommended to me by a friend’s father, it was probably the best recommendation I’ve ever had… If Carlsberg did recommendations!

“Unfortunately, I had a serious cycling accident and broke my neck a few years back but the team at Ellis & Co supported me with exiting that business when the time was right.

“They are now helping us to build this one! “he added.

For further information about ePay Merchant Services click here.