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Increasing revenue, retaining clients and improving sales is what all companies strive for, but ticking all those boxes can be challenging.

Step forward Suzy Couper, founder of Sales Skills Accelerator, who works with businesses to put a stop to yo-yo sales results and sales drama.

Sales Skills Accelerator was founded in 2019 and rebranded and relaunched in February 2020, with an aim to create a sales team that is reliable, motivated and focused.

“I work with sales directors and sales managers to help them increase revenue, retain clients and improve sales performance,” said Suzy, a certified emotional intelligence sales expert.

“I build awareness around the topic of the importance of bringing emotional intelligence training into sales training.

“This includes speaking to those managers, directors and sales teams as well as networking and speaking at business events across the country.”

Suzy who has worked in sales for over two decades, and was placed in the top 10 salespeople within the UK, spent seven years training to become a certified emotional intelligence sales expert.

Around 70% of Fortune 500’s already use emotional intelligence amongst their leaders and report huge success with retention and revenue.

“In the B2B sector this is still relatively new and hence a lot of what I do is about building awareness,” said Suzy.

To consistently perform at their very best, Suzy believes a sales team needs to be trained not only in selling skills, but in self-management, self-awareness and self-motivation skills.  

Her training sessions are broken into three main phases: the assessment phase, the training phase and the implementation phase.

“I begin by using The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®) which is one of the first scientifically validated and one of the most widely used Emotional Intelligence instruments in the world,” said Suzy.

“I then move on to workshops and interventions which are designed around the EQi.20 wheel and are completely bespoke according to the type of sales role and the different challenges that business face.”

Suzy’s workshops focus on teaching leaders how to manage their team so they can relate and understand their team better.

“Coaching is the most powerful way to implement and to get full return of investment, otherwise it is a case of use it or lose it!” she added.

Suzy admits that the majority of sales managers understand the importance of training and motivation, but that they are missing the number one key to producing consistent sales results.

“The human piece – emotional intelligence,” said Suzy.

“That is the most satisfying part of my job, seeing the impact that increasing emotional intelligence has on people’s lives!

“Learning and developing self-awareness immediately helps sales people to stop letting their emotions to run sales meetings.

“Their closing ratios increase and they get consistent sales results.”

And the most challenging aspect of Suzy’s role?

“Quashing the incorrect beliefs that soft skills/emotional intelligence is ‘pink and fluffy’.

“These so called little ‘warm fuzzies’ are actually game changers!”

The current pandemic and lockdown has been problematic for many businesses and making contacts and building relationships has proved tricky.

However, one relationship created during lockdown is flourishing, that between Suzy and her accountants Ellis & Co.

“I joined Ellis & Co a few months ago, they are my accountants because they are active in supporting and helping all their clients,” said Suzy.

“They network and hold events and this for me is truly refreshing and inspiring.

“After all, we are all in it together.”

Suzy has big plans for the next 12 months, with more online workshops and one to one’s, as well as striving to become a well-known entity in the market place.

For further information visit the Sales Skills Accelerator website here.