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Since 2008 a multi-award winning team has been helping companies across the UK.

DropJaw Ventures Group Limited provides access to capital and advisory services to companies looking to scale up or those in distress wishing to turnaround.

Founded by Roy Shelton DropJaw Ventures works with clients on reviewing, refining and strategising, to ensure all stakeholders share and contribute towards a common goal.

“We understand the challenges faced by young, emerging, scale up and more established companies who are driving for greater efficiency and commercialisation, whilst delivering services to a wide and often very complex customer base,” said Roy.

“We have vast experience across several industry fields, however our passion and focus are on those companies capable of achieving scale up and those in distress that need our support to aid their recovery.”

The team of four, which includes two full time and two part time consultants, admit to taking a different approach to other advisory firms, by becoming part of a company’s journey and therefore becoming an extended ‘part of the team’.

DropJaw Ventures offers a number of services including:

  • Start up and funding management: business planning and forecasts, fund raising via debt / equity refinancing
  • Exit management: exit planning, due diligence.
  • Startup interim management:exploring funding options, analysis, market launch
  • Scale up and change management: coaching and mentoring, search and selection, preparation and delivery of growth plans

“A typical day for me is spent catching up with reports from our portfolio MDs, being out meeting new customers and suppliers for our portfolio companies, or working with their management teams to drive increased performance and efficiencies,” said Roy.

“I also spend time networking at speaking at events, obviously due to the current pandemic that is all virtual at the moment.”

The team has worked with a multitude of companies across a wide range of industries, looking after businesses who want advice of scale up options, to those who are in need of business advice before folding is the only option.

“The most satisfying part of my job is seeing young companies fly and achieve success,” added Roy.

“Equally, it is frustrating when people don’t listen to solid advice or just give up- success does not come easy and it needs hard/ smart working, a little luck but lots of passion and determination.”

Determination is an attribute that Roy certainly holds, whether it’s running his business or in his downtime.

“I do a yoga and boxing session each week as well as a personal training session at The Athlete Factory,” said Roy.

“Keep fit is vital to mental wellbeing and I try to keep on top of this.”

It doesn’t look like Roy and the team have any plans to slow down over the year ahead. 

“I’d like to increase our portfolio of seven technology investments to say 10 and then really looking at the synergies within the group to ensure we create value and drive collaboration,” said Roy.

One collaboration that has been a success over the past 12 months, is that between DropJaw Ventures and its accountants – Ellis & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

“Ellis & Co have been our accountants for a year now,” said Roy.

“I like the modern yet traditional approach of utilising technology yet still being on the end of a telephone for the support when needed.

“I would recommend them and I have to several companies one of which, The Made of More Agency will appoint Ellis & Co this week.”

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