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In the past 12 months a community enterprise business has donated over £62,000 to schools across the UK.

Nexus Education is a network of over 11,000 schools from across the UK, and more recently also Europe, who come together online to share ideas, training, CPD and tips via blogging.

The team of five, also runs around 50 events a year across the UK, which attracts over 1,000 school leaders looking to save time and money.

“We match up the needs of our schools to solutions available in the market and introduce them to each other at our events,” said Damien Challenger, co-founder of Nexus Education.

“As part of our work we have a revenue share arrangement with our schools which has meant we've donated over £62,000 to schools in the past 12 months.”

Nexus Education was founded in 2017 by Damien and Mike Reardon, who as school governors and events providers, heard the issues raised by both schools and the suppliers.

“One thing was obvious, that schools wanted to be able to research suppliers better and build a relationship without being ‘sold to’,” said Damien.

“Whilst suppliers wanted that initial introduction, through a respected intermediate, to enable them to start building a relationship with schools interested in what they offer.

“Our solution is Nexus Education.”

The team’s days are led by the schools they are working with and what their needs are, however the current pandemic is ensuring those needs are changing on a daily basis.

“We've been relatively successful in navigating the current epidemic,” said Damien.

“We were able to quickly switch our offering from face to face sessions to virtual sessions.

“This meant that, at one point, we were the only educational events company still running in the UK last year!

“More importantly, this quick switch also meant we could continue to support our schools through a difficult period by getting them in front of new remote learning ideas as well as supporting them through our donations.”

Damien admits that being able to help schools save money as well as introduce ideas and technology to enable better educational outcomes for children is something he and the team is very proud of.

“The team works hard to ensure our events are offering solutions that are closely matched to the needs of our schools,” said Damien.

“This is why our school rebooking rate is 95% and commercial supplier return rate is 92%!

“And of course the most important aspects of our daily routine is ensuring that our team is focussed and happy.”

Three year’s into its journey Nexus Education has seen a continued upward trend of growth and engagement, and the team has no plans to ease their foot off the pedal.

“In year one we ran eight events, last year we ran 32, even with COVID, and already this year we have 42 events booked.

“Back in 2018, we also set ourselves an ambitious target of donating £100k to schools before the end of 2021, this is within our reach!”

It’s been one year since the team started on another journey with their new accountants – Ellis & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

“We really bought in to John during our first meeting with him, his ideas, openness and general philosophy,” said Damien.

“Ellis & Co also had the capability of tying in with our accounting Software FreeAgent, this was important as Mike and I are hands on and like to have a continual overview of business performance.

“Ellis & Co has also helped me outside of the business, I am currently buying a house and the team has been great in chasing HMRC for self-assessment paperwork for me.

“I would definitely recommend Ellis & Co.”

For further information about Nexus Education click here.

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