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With a talent pool of executive-level IT leaders at its fingertips it’s no surprise this team of experts are in high demand.

Established in 2018, Bailey & Associates provide leading senior IT experts to firms who don’t want or need their own.

With offices in Chester, London and California, Bailey & Associates has a team of over 60 IT leaders, referred to as associates, that manage and deliver clients projects in the UK and internationally.

“All our Associates have a minimum of ten years C Level experience as an IT Director, CIO or CTO alongside a track record of delivering results for clients and in previous roles,” said David Bailey, CEO of Bailey & Associates.

“We then have a small head office team of six which is based in Chester, where we look after sales, marketing and HR.”

The team works with clients in multiple capacities, offering three key services.

“For clients looking for validation on a specific project or undertaking, we would recommend an IT audit,” said David.

“This is where one or more of our Associates work with your senior teams to analyse and advise on the best approach for any given project or division of your business.

“For clients requiring longer term work beyond the scope of an audit, our IT Consultancy service would be more appropriate.

“This service allows your business to work on an ongoing basis with an Associate who will advise and lead IT projects on your behalf,” he added.

“For businesses requiring ongoing IT leadership on a longer-term basis, our Outsourced IT Leader service provides an Associate on-demand.

“The Associate will typically work with your business as your most senior IT leader and take care of everything from managing your IT projects to internal recruitment,” he added.

With a large and broad range of clients, Bailey & Associates understands that all businesses are different, each with its own share of issues and opportunities, therefore the team works on an ‘on-demand’ basis.

The on-demand service is broken down into multiple offerings to suit varying objectives, timescales and resource availability.

“I really enjoy seeing the improvements in our client’s business at the end of a successful project,” said David.

“Our Associates work can have a significant impact on businesses and I enjoy surpassing clients’ expectations with these results.

“As an entrepreneur, I also enjoy building the business and continually improving our service and processes.”

Despite the pandemic the team have seen a busy year and it looks like they have no plans to slow down for the months ahead.

“We have a specific growth target for our business here in the UK,” said David.

“Should we be successful, we will be swiftly turning our attention to the US market where we are looking to adapt and replicate our business model to benefit businesses in the US.”

Of course, as with all businesses, there are daily challenges, but for this team the main frustration they face is businesses not realising the difference an Associate can make.

“Companies don’t realise until we start working with them how useful we can be,” said David.

“It can be challenging knowing how much difference we’d be able to make to a client, but them not able to see it themselves prior to working with us.”

Bailey and Associates is proud to operate with exceptional professionalism, discretion and competence; and its services are regularly referred by their clients.

One relationship that developed based on a referral is that between David and Ellis & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers.

“Ellis and Co have been our accountants for three years now, they were recommended by a fellow business owner,” said David.

“They repeatedly delivery above and beyond expectations.

“I am never without a question for them and they always deliver on the answer and solutions required.

“They offer a variety of services which can fill all the necessary gaps or compliment most businesses.

“I would definitely recommend Ellis & Co to other companies.”

For further information about Bailey & Associates click here.

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