COVID – two years on from lockdown, where is the business world?

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The entire world has been living with the COVID-19 for over two years now, and it has, to put it lightly, transformed the way in which we carry out our day to day lives.

Despite the fact that some form of normality has now settled within the UK, the pandemic and its lockdowns has most certainly changed a number of things for good. Below we will take a look at how the business world has been impacted over the past few years, and what changes look set to stick around…

Changes to work environments

Of course, with lockdown coming into force, businesses throughout the UK were forced to switch their operations from a physical location to remote, quite literally overnight. Whilst many businesses have since returned to the office following the lifting of restrictions, many are continuing to opt on a remote or hybrid basis.

A strong focus on planning

Although over the past decade, more and more businesses have opted to work on a more flexible basis when it comes to remote working (and therefore had procedures in place), countless businesses had never taken this approach, and were therefore entirely unprepared when this way of working was enforced. Those businesses that had plans in place to deal with a ‘disaster’, were able to more effectively transition to home working. This ultimately meant very little downtime for the business.

For others, however, lack of ‘disaster recovery’ planning meant that they struggled in those first stages of the lockdown, and sadly the business world said goodbye to many companies who simply could not continue to operate. Since lockdowns and restrictions were lifted, forward planning has been a crucial component for businesses across the world, to ensure that they are adequately prepared in the future.

A world of opportunity

The power of working on a virtual basis has transformed the way in which businesses operate, including how they recruit and how they choose their suppliers. Whereas previously a business would, more often than not, search within the local area, remote working and the tools that were utilised throughout lockdown have allowed businesses to seek clients, suppliers and even employees on a wider geographical scale than they may have considered previously.

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