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A guide to corporate finance

Corporate finance is utilised in the business world for a whole host of reasons, whether your business is looking to move to a new premises, purchase new machinery or simply expand. The right finance solution will provide a company with the working capital necessary to achieve this.

From our experience we have found that many businesses stumble at the first hurdle when it comes to raising finance, often due to the sheer number of options available. Identifying which option is the most appropriate for your requirements is crucial to ensure that the finance truly does its job and supports your business as opposed to putting it in a precarious financial position.

Choosing your finance type

No two businesses are the same and therefore the type of finance most appropriate for your requirements can differ vastly. There are, of course, the more obvious options such as a bank loan or overdraft, and whilst these can be effective choices we would always recommend also looking at the likes of factoring, invoice discounting or even asset based lending. For those unsure which is the best option, your accountant will be able to support you in weighing up the pros and cons of each to ensure you opt for the most appropriate deal.

Identifying a finance provider

Once you’re set on the type of finance you need, sourcing the right provider is your next key step. Whilst many would head straight to their current bank, there are also many dedicated finance providers out there that specialise in particular industries. Once again, your accountant will be on hand to provide their expertise and industry knowledge to help you pinpoint the most reputable and relevant provider.

Here at Ellis & Co. we are highly experienced in supporting our clients with corporate finance; not only in raising finance but also in preparing their business for acquisitions, mergers or disposals.

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